Adult Acne? I've Been There Too!

My Personal Experience with Adult Acne

Acne, sucks. There, I said it!

I had the luck of going through puberty (middle school and high school) fairly acne free with the occasional pimple here and there that usually disappeared as fast as it came. But that soon changed shortly after turning 20.

I was once an awkward teenager with clear skin and now I’m a young adult trying to build self-confidence with acne breakouts that are trapping my inner Beyoncé inside! I thought to myself “what? Why now? Aren’t I too old for this?” I found myself canceling dates and changing plans because my acne breakouts were so bad I felt too embarrassed to go out even with a layer of makeup trying to cover it all up.

I tried everything and I mean everything! Masks, cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators, diets, and DIY scrubs… Yet nothing seemed to change and sometimes the products made my skin condition even worse. After meeting with a dermatologist and doing some research online I realized:

I am not alone.

Adult acne is not uncommon and it is treatable. Stress, pollution, junk food and hormones can all eventually cause acne breakouts to surface in from young adults aged 20 to even 40 years old.

I wrote this guest blog post here on the Kamedis site because it was one of the many steps I took to get better looking skin. So if you’re interested in hearing how I combated my adult acne, continue reading to hear what worked for me!

So after all the extensive research and even more extensive experimenting with every product known to man – I found Kamedis. Kamedis was the answer for me for a couple different reasons. The first being the oil-free formula that helped balance my sebum production and reduced clogging of dirt and oils in my pores. The second being that the botanically based combination of ingredients was easy on my skin and didn’t feel too heavy or harsh. This was especially important for me after the vigorous exfoliating I had done before that left my skin feeling teared at and irritated. I also used the moisturizer and spot treatment (when needed) after using the cleanser. I just heard that this would help give the best results and so I can’t give any advice as to how the cleanser works alone.

Aside from using Kamedis’ acne treatment products I tinkered with my diet just a bit to include less junk, oily and sugary foods. Being a college student made it a difficult battle, especially during testing season when I had no other choice but to allow a Snickers bar here and there, but even just limiting the intake down to a reasonable amount helped make all the difference!

The last two things I did to help get rid of my adult acne included organization and meditation. Well, not exactly. But it rhymes and sums it up! I started to diligently fill in my online google calendar with everything from classes, work shifts, family time, social dates and literally anything else that came about. This helped me organize my life into one easily accessible location which completely lowered my stress level and let me feel more in control of my busy and free time. This also let me start to plan and include some ‘free time’ into my hectic schedule that I otherwise would not have taken advantage of. This is where the ‘meditation’ part comes from. My version of destressing isn’t exactly found in meditation, however, it is found in Zumba classes. Just find your own ‘zumba’ and add it in to your schedule!

Anyways, to sum it all up… Kamedis AC-CLEAR products, a slightly adjusted (and completely realistic) diet, organization and ‘meditation’ were the keys to unlocking my clear skin. I hope this helps you and if you have tips on how to get rid of adult acne, make sure to share them so others can hopefully benefit from them too!

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