Holiday Gift Guide Review: Kamedis Acne Kit#review

So in the last several months (I think maybe since around Mothers day or so) my skin has decided to let me relive my youth so to speak- I have been plagued with white heads and blackheads- mainly on my face!  Honestly, I really only had a few of them here and there /on my face when I was a teenager and most of them were blackheads- lets fast forward oh ..15ish years right? For some reason I have been cursed with them! Mostly whiteheads- and I mean they appeared as if from nowhere!  I tried to just keep them covered up for the most part – I know, I know, you have to use special concealers and such for that , but I have just been using what I had all along. I just figured it would eventually just.. work its self out you know? I actually don’t wear a lot of make up AT ALL- like HARDLY ever so I was pretty sure that wasn’t the root of my problem. I actually don’t know if there was a root but- it has been “fun” to deal with!

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